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Cleaning in Place (CIP) technology, a method that automates the cleaning process of tanks and production components, has become pivotal across various industries, including food processing, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. At Heatking, we bring 10 years of expertise to the design and manufacturing of CIP tanks, ensuring unparalleled hygiene and operational efficiency.

Experience and Expertise

With a rich background in producing CIP tanks, ranging from factory-built tanks to large on-location installations, Heatking stands as a trusted name in the industry. Our tanks, ranging from +/- 500m³ to +/- 15,000m³, feature advanced designs, including conical or domed roofs, anchors, stiffening rings, and additional elements like wind girders and spiral staircases. We often employ duplex material, known for its strength, allowing for thinner walls, ensuring rapid construction without compromising quality.

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CIP Tank Applications

CIP tanks find extensive use in sectors where hygiene is paramount. In the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, specific cleaning requirements must be met. Heatking understands these diverse needs, offering customized CIP systems tailored precisely to your demands. We assist in determining the optimal dimensions and appropriate cleaning methods, ensuring efficient and timely project completion.

CIP Cleaning Process

Our CIP cleaning sequences follow a comprehensive seven-stage process. Beginning with pre-rinsing to remove residues, we proceed to lye cleaning, followed by rinsing and acid cleaning to eliminate scale. After microbiological disinfection, the tank undergoes a thorough flush-out. We circulate cleaning agents, promoting reuse where possible, reducing chemical usage compared to manual methods.

Qualitative Design

The design of our CIP systems aligns with the cleaning sequence requirements. Depending on the complexity of cleaning stages, the number of CIP tanks varies. Our engineers collaborate closely with you, considering tank size, simultaneous cleaning needs, and appropriate volumes for rinsing cycles. We offer a range of tank appendages, including insulation, heating zones, and jacket heating, ensuring all aspects of your CIP system are optimized.

Flexible Construction

Heatking’s manufacturing facilities in India, guarantee quality and flexibility. Tanks are transported via any medium suitable for seamless delivery. In instances where transportation proves challenging, we employ innovative on-site construction methods, guaranteeing that your CIP system integrates seamlessly into your production processes.

With Heatking, experience CIP technology at its finest – meticulously designed, precisely manufactured, and seamlessly integrated for your operational excellence.

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