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We at Heatking have a long experience of creating stainless steel tanks, dating back 10 years, and have expertly incorporated contemporary technologies into our production procedures. We are pleased to be able to provide our clients with the highest quality SS Tanks at the most affordable pricing in the industry thanks to strategic partnerships and our large network of suppliers and distributors.

Our engineering, construction, and installation of unique stainless steel storage and process tanks is our area of expertise at Heatking. We engage directly with you at every stage and are committed partners, not just service suppliers. Our proactive approach ensures that our stainless steel tanks not only meet but also surpass your standards, thereby increasing your operating operations.

Our professionals distinguish themselves during every stage of your project for their unshakable dedication, cutting-edge solutions, and in-depth knowledge. You receive more from Heatking than simply a tank; you also get a dependable partner that is committed to seeing your projects through to completion.


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Your supplier of stainless steel tanks, process tanks, storage tanks and pressure vessels

With over a decade of dedicated experience, Heatking stands as a seasoned professional in the realm of stainless steel tank construction. Our core mission revolves around enhancing and optimizing your industrial processes as your trusted tank partner. We take immense pride in collaborating with you, leveraging our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure that your new tanks bring maximum value to your operations.

At Heatking, we go beyond merely delivering tanks; we actively engage in brainstorming with you to discover ways in which our solutions can streamline and elevate your processes. Our team of experts is committed to your success and is characterized by unwavering dedication, innovative thinking, and profound industry knowledge, all of which are embedded in every phase of the projects we undertake.

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Why work with Heatking

  • Unique Design
  • Stable Quality
  • Superb Service
  • Competitive Cost
  • Fast Delivery
  • Good Reputation

Featured Application

Heatking has a detailed knowledge of mixing process requirements by application. After years of development, we have provided different mixing solutions for customers in different industries.

Are You Looking for A Reliable Supplier of Stainless Steel Tank?

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For any industry a perfect tank

Heatking engineers constructs tanks for all industries, including Beverages Tanks, Ghee Kettle Tanks, Water Tank, Oil Storage Tanks, Pharmaceuticals Tanks, Pasteurizing Tanks, Ice Cream Tanks and Milk Storage Tanks. Our experts understand these industries and know that each market has its own challenges and requirements.

Stainlesss steel tanks up to 2,00,000 litre

Your process and storage tanks can be up to 2,00,000 litre in size. Heatking will design, produce, and install them. We carry out this unique work in accordance with your requirements. We also collaborate closely with you to make sure your new tank will help the process go more smoothly.


Our tanks and procedures meet industry standards, and we have many qualified procedures that serve as a gauge of quality. All established building codes are followed by our work. We also have a quality control section that is independent of manufacturing.

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